Lisa Alvarado
Sister Chicas
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Sister Chicas
Sometimes sisters aren't born into the same family
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Sister Chicas tells the story of three young Latina friends in Chicago. They meet while working on the school paper, but during their weekly coffee dates they form a friendship that gives them the sisters they never had, and together they struggle with the normal stresses of growing up: parents, careers, boys, fashion, all while figuring out their identities and learning how to fit their rich cultural heritage into their lives as modern Norteamericanas.

Sister Chicas wins Mariposa International Award for best 1st Novel in English, 2007 (Latino Literacy Now)

Sister Chicas mentioned in best-selling author Julia Alvarez's new book!

Boston Globe sings the praises of Sister Chicas

Sister Chicas featured in USAToday!

"I wish I could invite Taina, Leni and Graciela, those funny and lively Sister Chicas, to my kitchen table. They'd start confiding and laughing about their familias, clothes and, of course, boys. Like all real sisters, they'd share what matters to them, honoring their Latino culture, writing from the heart; each one becoming a beautiful, unique mujer. ¡Maravilloso!"

-- Pat Mora, author of Aunt Carmen's Practical Book of Saints, and Doña Flor: A Tall Tale About a Giant Woman with a Great Big Heart

"Sister Chicas is an 'exquisite' project, set in the steaming streets of multi-cultural Chicago, with multi-voiced Latina characters - Latinos are a diverse and complicated people - that ring true as well as smart. These three gifted writers have produced a unique and unforgettable single novel. Bravo."

--Luis J. Rodriguez, author of Music of the Mill, a novel, and My Nature is Hunger, poems.